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The Window Is Closing

For those in the know, it has become abundantly clear that the world we live in is not what it seems. The “paranoid” were right all along, and now, it’s time for action.

Thanks to insightful individuals like Larken Rose and Jason Christoff, we are beginning to understand the intricate system that has been placed upon our eyes to blind us from the truth:

It’s time to wake up and realize that the Matrix movies were not just entertainment but a chilling documentary, metaphorically depicting the real system lurking within the fabric of our government-based social structure. If you read the following document, you’ll understand it all:

📃 Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars PDF


Divided into Two Nations: A Silent War Unveiled

The realization dawns upon us that this farce, this illusion called ‘government’, has been created and financed with our own resources by unlawful taxation, under the guise of voluntary consent “for the greater good.”

This Leviathan now is showing its real shape: the funders of political campaigns are the true owners of governments, all across Earth. And governments treat citizens as their property, cattle to be milked for eternity.

These owners and farmers now claim for a ‘Reset’, which in Scots Law means “to receive and keep stolen goods.”

Yet, instead of rising against this crime, the majority chooses to knuckle under.

In this process, a nation becomes dissociated into two distinct parts – a docile sub-nation and a political sub-nation.

The political sub-nation thrives by leaching off the docile one until it grows powerful enough to detach itself and devour its parent.

We find ourselves in the midst of a full-blown war, a quiet one waged with silent weapons such as mind control, chemical and radiation poisoning and emotional trauma. The goal: to harvest the current human crop.

With recent DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) terraforming attacks over Maui, we now see their tactics escalating and yet, the sheeple remain oblivious.

It’s time for those who are awake to take decisive action before it’s too late.

Exit & Build: More About Duty Than Choice

So far, we have shown foresight by refusing experimental injections and keeping ourselves informed about what’s coming. But now the challenge ahead is much larger and involves changing our way of life drastically in a short period of time.

We’re heading towards their beloved Hunger Games scenario at top speed – and we need to position ourselves mentally and emotionally first, to then start activating processes to walk slowly but surely towards the Exit of the Technocratic Totalitarianism that Western Society has shown to be.

For me, Mexico stands as an ideal choice for our purposes due to its favorable laws and social characteristics that provide an opportune environment to start anew, away from the clutches of the Leviathan.

But wherever you are, it’s crucial for you to take the first, easy step: start recruiting your own local networks of like-minded individuals.

Power needs to be decentralized and locally based. We must shift our focus towards the neo-feudalism scenario that awaits us, considering both its pros and cons.

The encouraging news is that there are many others like us out there, but we remain disconnected. The peak! interest in ARCA following my appearance on Los Liberales Podcast proved this (I extend a warm welcome to the hundreds of new subscribers invested in taking action 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻)

Talking Solutions: How To Create Like-Minded Networks

To help in this historic process for humanity and catalyze action, I will soon be offering a class on creating your own locally-based, like-minded individuals network. This will be a class financed by ARCA at zero cost for the attendees.

I will open-source my experience in developing ARCA Private Network as a Framework that everyone engaged with forging a new civilization can adapt to their needs. If this resonates with you, I highly recommend completing your application to the Network as I will prioritize ticket distribution there. Given my aforementioned experience, tickets are likely to be claimed quickly.

Below, you will find a video where I delve into this subject briefly. Unlike this one, the class will be meaty; I like to go deep in my strategies, so please save the seat for someone else if you’re a Tik-Tok user.

Some Final Words

To finish today’s letter, I want to be blunt: we need more people like you to step up and take action.

It’s not action driven by fear but by love that I ask for – love for creating what we truly want while distancing ourselves from what we don’t.

We can no longer afford to wait. The dice has rolled, and the time for action is now.

I firmly believe that after what we will endure together, we will have the acumen to lead a healthy, coherent, and blooming civilization.


To Our Freedom,
Mariano Goren



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