Introducing the New ARCA Private Network Webpage

Dear Future Pioneers,

I am thrilled to finally announce the launch of our brand new ARCA Private Network webpage, which has been designed to put in words the experience we’re gonna be providing soon:


There, you’ll find details about the features and services of the platform we’re building. This will serve as the backbone of our mission to help create a new civilization where like-minded individuals can come together, connect, and shape their own destinies.

I like to say that ARCA Private Network is built not as a community, but as a convivio: Ivan Illich’s philosophy of Conviviality focuses on the idea of shared tools, systems, and structures that allows the individuality of each human being to flourish.

And so, we’re working hard to provide our members with the scaffolding to land, connect, prepare, and exit in Mexico, ensuring a (more or less 😅) seamless transition into the new world of freedom and self-sufficiency that awaits us on the other side.

I must highlight that the true power of the ARCA Private Network webpage lies in the Application Process that we carefully designed in collaboration with world-renowned experts in psychology, morality, and human behavior.

Applying is not just a formality; it is a vital step that filters out those who do not align with our values and vision. It’s an extension of our commitment to providing high-caliber individuals like yourself with the structure needed to make our “Evolving Together” motto something actually feasible.

If you find the ideas on the webpage interesting, I suggest that you invest those 15 minutes of your time to complete the application. This will ensure you save your spot in line for when we start scheduling the one-on-ones required to finish the process.

I’ll have more exciting news coming soon! Thanks for sharing the adventure.


Mariano Goren

Founder — ARCA Private Network.



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