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UN, WEF Behind Global ‘War on Farmers’

The U.N. is pushing for total control of food production and distribution under Agenda 2030 The increasing regulatory attacks on farmers by countries including Holland and the United States are closely linked to the United Nation’s Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and its partners at the

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What We're Watching

Joel Salatin on Kitco News

Joel Salatin, best-selling author and Co-Owner of Polyface Farms, talks about the “fragility” in our supposedly efficient food system, and how market forces are required to unleash the benefits of agriculture. Salatin also discusses the possibility of food shortages and higher prices in the United States.

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Sheep waiting for the psychologist to arrive
What We're Watching

Jason Christoff – The Psychology of Freedom

https://rumble.com/v1c5qmz-jason-christoff-the-psychology-of-freedom-for-chdc.html Jason Christoff shares with us the depth of the programming that is keeping us in cycles of self sabotage and shows us there’s a way out which is critical for saving our children and their future. I invite you to take him up on his

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