Why You Need to Get Out of the Western World’s Major Cities Right Now

The governments all around the world have been making some extremely damaging decisions over the past four years, decisions that have had a tremendous negative impact on the lives of tens of millions of individuals. 

With a few exceptions, these policies and actions have all been self-serving endeavors meant to benefit only those at the top, with little regard for the consequences suffered by ordinary people.

The absolute idiocy of burning out several tons of chemical waste to end up converting it in a chemical weapon of mass-destruction is just one example.

This promises to be an ecosystem catastrophe with unimaginable effects that could put whole states around the explosion site at risk of extinction. 

We can see some similarities when citizens were forced to inject themselves with deadly toxins as part “mandatory vaccines” with nothing to support their claim of benefitting people’s health.

But perhaps the most alarming development is that politicians and bureaucrats are now openly trying to cause as much damage as they can in a relatively short period of time without facing any consequences for their wrongdoings

It is evident that if we don’t act now to get away from their efforts, we could be looking at serious long lasting dangers not only to our safety but also to our fundamental human rights and freedoms.

We are seeing our government leaders’ actions repeatedly proving their blatant self-interests with no concern for the lives they will affect or the consequences these decisions will bring upon us all. It is unethical what they’re doing and now they seem more intent than ever before on further destroying civilization rather than helping it out – an absolutely repulsive behavior contrasted with decades of fake promises towards progress.

The time for change is long overdue and it starts with us recognizing that society needs something new going forward in order for our species to survive this new age of oppression, greed and disregard for human life whom all live under promises that were never meant to be kept. 

The solution? Starving the beast – something only we can execute individually in order to prevent further tyrannical control from occurring. 

Like-minded individuals need to come together in order to achieve this goal. Things such as: 

  • Utilizing cash instead of relying on banking systems; 
  • Creating strong networks among ourselves so we may trade without having to report any taxable events; 
  • Avoiding cities; and leaving oppressive countries as soon as possible

Despite despair and shock, we need to take small steps towards freedom from oppressive governments and toward individual self-reliance. 

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