Ready to Draw Your Line in the Sand? The Leviathan is already here


I have some quite alarming updates from the frontline that I need to share with you. In our most recent ARCA Private Network event, we held a Workshop where we discussed the increasing risks to our health coming from the cell towers, also known as “microwave smog.”

This came after my latest trip to Panama and back, where I and at least another person got terribly sick. I was doing radiation readings the whole trip, trying to understand the gravity of the situation. And as I said, it’s alarming.

The readings I got around Playa del Carmen and Panama City were incredibly high – more than 50 u/W cm2 in large parts of both cities. Maximum tolerable exposure according to the globalist agencies (WHO) is just 10 u/W cm2.

This creates an extraordinary situation, that will require hard decisions to make. But if you are from the group that understands that problems are never solved, but managed, read on.

The Modern Travel Syndrome

Half of the readings were done within the aforementioned quick 5-day trip. This gave me the opportunity to measure the whole thing: you see, international travel can be seen as a funnel, where you go through a highway to an airport, then you get into the airplane and repeat the last two steps once you arrive.

This whole “funnel” involves several of the worst places to be irradiated with microwaves: for starters highways, which are built in height and create direct exposure to the cell panels on top of the antennas that you can easily see when driving. They can be far away, but the direct exposure makes them as damaging as if they’d be close.

After being irradiated on the highway, you’ll end up in an airport that has all kinds of antennas, radars, wifi, and more, to eventually end up inside of the cabin, that is permanently electrified (it’s a Faraday cage, after all).

And so I came to call this the “Modern Travel Syndrome”: I can recall I’ve been getting sick regularly every time I travel, for the last two years, and I’m not alone.

What’s more, if remote places like Playa del Carmen and Tulum are under this type of radiation, it means we’re going to be irradiated practically every time we step outside in any city, what goes along with the increasing amount of cameras already installed.

During our workshop, we tried to find legal options to fight back but unfortunately, the odds are against us and any action requires a high-profile exposition.

Cities: the Leviathan’s Kill Box

In a nutshell, the Leviathan is already here. It grew slowly over the last three years, but it now shows the impact of his increasing powers.

So far, we know there has been an increment in cloud seeding operations, and that the irradiation of cell towers has reached a breaking point.

Both of these are “invisible” to the common person, and state agencies’ health controls seem to be sub-optimal at best, democidal at worst.

A Kill Box is a military term used to describe a designated area where enemy forces are intentionally targeted and destroyed. The Kill Box is typically marked as an area on a map or chart and is defined by a set of coordinates.

Once the Kill Box has been established, forces will typically use a variety of weapons and tactics to engage and destroy any enemy forces inside the designated area.

These tactics are organized as “Kill Box Layers”: each layer may include artillery, army mobilization, but also invisible weapons like the aforementioned microwave irradiation, and air contamination (chemtrails) depending on the situation and the available resources.

It’s pretty clear by now that cities have already crossed the line of becoming dangerous places for human health and freedom.

The line in the sand

So what can we do? For starters, we all need to start thinking about the line in the sand that will trigger certain behaviors.

See, we humans are hardwired to focus on the day-by-day, but we fail to identify the moments when certain rituals need to be executed. Thus, we need to start thinking about the rite of passage from being part of the Western world to moving “into the wild.”

I will not go too deep on this, but think about how rites of passage have been literally erased from Western culture… Those are now totally controlled by the State: observe why schools have Graduation Ceremonies and you’ll get it.

We’re trained to be told what to do, and when to do it.

In the past, these rites marked important (and often traumatic) milestones in our lives – whether it was a young man’s first hunt or a young woman’s transition into adulthood. These were moments of great significance, marking the transition from one phase of life to another.

And so, humans now have the responsibility to pick up this frame and build boundaries: to know when enough is enough.

In my personal case, I decided it has been enough already, and I’m doing preparations to leave the metropolitan life. For a fellow ARCA Private Network Member, the trigger is set to activate when states start to set up the “customs” checkpoints to get in between 15-minute cities/neighborhoods.

Each person will have their own flavor, but the most important thing is to actually have triggers… and complement them with an action plan for the next steps.

The next step: position yourself in a place where you can be free, resourceful, and healthy

As a standard recommendation, I’d say that one may start by getting a Geiger counter, start looking for property outside of the urban centers (as far away as possible from airports) and create real networks with like-minded individuals in the vicinities.

After my research over the last three years, Mexico remains the best country to plan an Exit & Build strategy. It’s large enough for people looking to get away, produces enough food, and had the most relaxed lockdowns in the world (it never closed for international travel)

This is in addition to a current legal framework that allows to:

  • Sign contracts through an arbitrage system (this is, outside of the judicial/tax system.)

  • Create community-owned property (Ejido land, which allows you to take it out outside of the tax system)

  • Use an alternative currency like the Tumin.

It is understandable that for most people, adapting to a place like Mexico will take a lot of time and effort. I experienced this myself.

That’s exactly why we’re creating the ARCA Private Network as an evolution of ARCA Club: a simple way to connect with like-minded, like-hearted people who are working to Exit & Build in the near future.

It’s simpler to have a line-in-the-sand kind of event when you are supported by high-caliber people who just want the same as you for themselves: Evolve Together into a future of freedom, self-sufficiency, and coherence. (Even though we’re not taking additional members yet, we have set up the application process that you can start right now)

To summarize: either if you’re ready to make a decision now, or when a microwave antenna is installed right next to your children’s school (just kidding) I suggest you start working towards your Exit strategy as soon as possible.

Let’s take action before it’s too late.

Thanks for being part of this adventure,
Mariano Goren


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