On/Off-Line Networks 🤼 The Great Neofeudal Reset

Hi friends,
I’ve been swamped over the last few months with events, setting up new alliances, and working the business strategy, but I wanted to give you some insights on what’s coming for the immediate future of the project.
Thanks to the advice of my Mentor (a 25-year real estate veteran), ARCA started to pivot into a network-based business.
You see, the Great Reset is upon us, and many are feeling anxious about what the future holds. Many are overthinking about piling up resources, getting weapons, and learning how to start a garden farm, but I’ve learned that we don’t have to.
Don’t get me wrong: I believe it’s great to be resourceful! But there’s something even more important than that: what we really need to navigate what’s coming is a solid On/Off-Line Network.
Why ARCA is pivoting to become an On/Off-Line Network, before being a real estate developer
Humans are not good at surviving alone. Throughout history, we have relied on our tribes to help us through tough times.
The most important thing to survive is to ‘have the right people to call’: We need people we can trust, people who share our values and goals. These people will be there to provide tactical support, practical hands-on help, and even financial assistance when needed because the individuals know the value that will come back out of it.
I came to the Riviera Maya escaping the Chilean regime during the plandemic; I moved here thinking I’d find mostly spring-breakers but found a trove of freedom lovers from all around the world who came to start over.
We organically formed a group where we helped and served each other. Businesses were started and spun out from the Club. Relationships were tested, and bad elements were weeded off. This created an amazing bond that has lasted to this day.
This experience inspired me to professionalize it into a private club for high-caliber individuals around the Riviera Maya zone. Once we open doors to new members, we will have a strict admission process that guarantees like-mindedness and provide a platform for us to connect, share resources, and support each other.
All Club’s information and resources will be organized around the Convivial Layers Framework:
Individuals voluntarily working together, we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way.
And that’s where this pivot in the business model will guide us during the next phase of the ARCA Self-Sufficient Villages project.
I go through this and many other points in the following interview by Joe Jarvis, so if you have some time, you can get details about what we have planned clicking below:
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