Join ARCA Self-Sufficient Villages at Tribalize 2023

Hello all! We are so excited to be introducing you to the fantastic Tribalize–it’s coming up in two weeks (March 24-26th) in Tulum, Mexico. 

Brad Nye and the Paledora team have packed this three-day gathering full of a variety of topics related to creating alternative systems, community building, permaculture, new technologies and decentralized governance. 

This will be an incredible opportunity for the self-sufficiency vertical, and like minded individuals to come together and share ideas on how we can create meaningful change within our own networks. 

Mariano Goren, ARCA Self-Sufficient Villages founder himself, is going to be partaking in a panel; Derrick Broze from The Freedom Network is gonna be opening with one of his powerful talks, and various other fantastic speakers who will bring forth cutting edge projects and ideas.


Check Tribalize 2023


This event is not only in person but also offers the option for those who cannot attend physically to purchase a livestream ticket as well! If any of you are interested in attending or livestreaming Tribalize, you can use the promo code BROZE which will give you a 25 USD discount towards your tickets. In this way you can gain value while also supporting Derrick’s great initiative at the same time – it’s a win-win situation!



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