Celebrating a Milestone Anniversary: Foundations Laid

Hello Everyone!

This is Mariano Goren, Founder of ARCA Self-Sufficient Villages. It has been one year since I embarked on this crazy journey helping creating a new civilization – and so much has happened since then!

When I first started, I had the vision of helping people like me, who will be unable to participate in western society by the time the Digital ID becomes mandatory for logging into the internet. And so, ARCA was born.

We have worked tirelessly over this past year to build something that will make a big difference in people’s lives in particular, and human societies in general.

We have done our research; we put together a remarkable candidate list for the Board of Directors, made up of high-caliber individuals from across different sectors; and most importantly, we identified the value we can bring to the table in terms of promoting resilient networks (we like to call them “convivios”, after the great Ivan Illich.)

Now it’s time for us to make some tangible progress – so stay tuned! In the coming weeks & months you can expect exciting announcements as we take things up several notches with regard to our vision and objectives.

Our aim is to manifest new people-centered markets, inspire innovation in the vertical of self-sufficient living, and empower our local regional network.

If you can’t wait until we announce what we have planned for the future, please check out my presentation slides at The Greater Reset 4. The PDF contains general information about what we are working towards as well as our progress thus far:

To finish off, I want to say that when I began this project there was a sense of urgency – but after this year it is clear that everything is falling into place. We actually WILL have a new world of our own making.

Good things are coming, as long as we invest time in designing our future, and use our manifestation capacity to fulfill it.

Thanks a lot for being part of this adventure!


Mariano Goren
ARCA Self-Sufficient Villages



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