📢 2023Q3 Status Report: Transition, Initiatives, and Preparedness for the Brave New World

Hello friends,

Instead of the traditional and boring written report, I decided to start doing short videos.

I have important news and exciting initiatives to share with you today. Let’s dive right in:



Land, Connect, Prepare, and Exit: ARCA Private Network

In our first video, I’ll be bringing your attention to an important transition that is taking place at ARCA.

As you may know, we are making the shift from ARCA as a simple real estate project, to a more comprehensive Network that will serve as the runway to the Villages but also as much, much more.

This transition affirms our commitment to the power of connection and voluntary collaboration to shape our future.

The proposal is simple: by surrounding ourselves with high-caliber voluntarists who share values, we create a network that propels us toward the best version of ourselves, no matter what happens in the world. 

Together, we navigate the challenges of creating a new civilization, grounded in freedom, self-sufficiency, and coherence.

As we’re preparing to launch the platform, we’re now accepting applications.  

You can start the process here: https://arca.land/apply

(I highly suggest you start the process before the launch, I expect long waiting times after that.)





Pop-Up Command Center Initiative

Now, let’s move on to our second video. In it, I announce one of our most exciting initiatives yet – the Pop-up Command Center for ARCA Private Network Members.

We understand that major disasters can strike unexpectedly, causing chaos and uncertainty. That’s why we have taken proactive measures to provide a support system for our Members during such times.


The Pop-up Command Center is a System that can be replicated in any area where our Members reside. It is designed to offer essential guidance during emergencies.


What’s coming next

For the next few months, we’ll be fully focused in the launch, since the ON/OFF-Line Network will create an environment that will help our Members  thrive in their journey to Exit & Build. That’s all for now!

Thanks for being part of this adventure,
Mariano Goren


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