📢 2022Q3 Status Report – ARCA Self-Sufficient Villages

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Hi friends! This is just gonna be a quick update on the project’s current state. If you don’t have much time to invest, please jump to part 3.


1. 📰 What we’ve been up to

2. ⏩ What’s next

3. 💌 How you can help

1. 📰 What we’ve been up to

  • Our Board of Directors keeps growing: we already have some early agreements with four candidates that will contribute with their extensive experience in regenerative farming, architecture and deal flow analysis.
  • First speaking gig in Morelia: We’ve been featured in the invited to present ARCA model at The Greater Reset 4 in early 2023 🎉

2. ⏩What’s next

  • The first priority is now to complete the Board.
  • Second priority is to continue visiting land and generating our deal flow.
  • Third priority is to keep building networks around the peninsula. For this purpose we’re planning gatherings around Playa del Carmen in the upcoming months.

3. 💌How you can help

  • We’re still welcoming intros to potential candidates for our Board. We’re looking for recognized industry experts in:
    • Real Estate Development & Management
    • Corporate Real Estate under Mexican Law
    • Corporate Real Estate Accounting under Mexican Law
    • If you know someone that seems like a good fit, please forward their contact to me.

Thanks for reading!




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